Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar 


Dr. Gopal BhatnagarA cardiac surgeon with expertise in ‘beating heart’ surgery and a successful career in cardiac research and education, Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar established Trillium’s cardiac surgery program in 2000. His philosophy – then and now – is that “every patient would get the operation they deserve using world-class benchmarks as the minimum acceptable standard.”

Today, thanks in large measure to Bhatnagar’s leadership, Trillium has one of the most respected cardiac surgery programs in Canada at the Hazel McCallion Centre for Heart Health. It is the leading practitioner of beating heart surgery in the country and one of only three hospitals in Canada, and a handful in
North America to perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

In addition to his surgical caseload, Dr. Bhatnagar is currently Trillium’s Chief of Staff, a position that carries enormous responsibility but that allows him to influence the direction and quality of patient care hospital-wide. His passion for health care innovation is only matched by the strength of his commitment to the wellbeing of the Health Centre’s patients and community.

“In the past, many patients who desperately needed heart surgery were unable to have the procedure because they were too sick or frail to tolerate it,” he says. “As a leader in Cardiac Care, performing more than 7,000 heart-related procedures per year, we are working to introduce and perfect surgical techniques and technologies that will help ensure that anyone who will benefit from the procedure can receive a safe and timely heart operation.”

“Minimally invasive cardiac surgery is a natural evolution of beating heart surgery but requires much more intense training and special expertise by cardiac surgeons,” says Dr. Bhatnagar. “These kinds of initiatives are only possible if you’ve got a team that is open-minded about advances and an administration that is willing and able to look at new initiatives. We’re fortunate to have both.”


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